Who Is Like God


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Traditionally, the Archangel Michael, offers us God’s protection. In the Bible he is referred to as a great prince who defends God’s people and fights with Satan at the beginning and end of all things.

He has also been thought to be the angel that guards Eden with a flaming sword, the angel through which God gave His people the Ten Commandments, the angel who stood in the way of Balaam, and the angel who destroyed the armies of Sennacherib. He is even thought by some to guard the body of Eve.

Michael is our champion, fighting against the devil on our behalf, rescuing the souls of the faithful from the power of the enemy.

Have you ever been protected from something in a way that defies all rational explanation? Perhaps it was Michael.

I wanted to portray Michael in a way that was strong enough to make us think of him in these terms. This is actually the third state of this image, offered exclusively here.


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